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Flowerpower: A Groovy Journey Back in Time

A flower power woman.
Flowerpower Flyer

Before we share impressions of our Flowerpower rave with you, we would like to thank all our friends who celebrated with us! It was only much too late that we realized that we had scheduled the party for Easter weekend. Many of our friends and yogis already had plans for this weekend and could not be there. We have learned our lesson and will make sure in the future not to schedule our parties on holidays - or even close to them ;) We want everyone to have the opportunity to dance at our parties!

BBQ on the balcony, cozy Chillout, and fantastic music by Mauro Hasler (DJ Momo).

Fortunately, the unexpected intimacy of the Flowerpower rave only added to the good vibes. At the official start at 6:00 pm, we fired up the grill and enjoyed delicious chicken and vegetable skewers with baked potatoes in good company. DJ Momo outdid himself (truly one of his best sets yet!), and laughter filled the air between tracks. With the energy pumping, we turned up the tempo for a sweaty session of pure trance beats. DJ Alexandra impressively demonstrated that you need not only "the looks" of a DJ, but also skills, in addition to an extra curated playlist. The dancing crowd made the best of it! Great praise! It was no small challenge ;)

The best Party Folk, a wanna be DJ, and an awesome DJ.

At 10:00 pm, the music became more spherical and quieter, so that the party people could make their way home deeply relaxed at 11:00 pm.

The Afterparty ;)

Did you miss it this time? Don't worry! We'll be bringing back the Flowerpower magic soon, so keep an eye out for the next event in November and join us for a night of pure, peaceful fun.


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