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It all began in October 2020: Ed and Alexandra moved into their new place in Winterthur, where the new yoga studio was to be built. During the Corona period, Ed turned out to be a real all-rounder, stretched a bed net between the rustic beams of the two-story loft apartment and equipped the studio with a bar table where yogis can treat themselves to a green tea or matcha in the future. Alexandra put her vision of "hanging gardens" into practice - a true indoor jungle! Since then it has been green and blooming in the sprouting yoga studio.  

The yogapeople studio with the gallery lounge, matcha bar and the hangout net offers much more than just a mat space. The people who come together here are important to us. It is not uncommon for people to talk and laugh together well into the night after a yoga class.  

Alexandra has been practicing yoga regularly since 2007 and has been teaching since 2011. She opened her first yoga studio in 2017 in Romanshorn. In 2020, the new studio in Winterthur was created together with her partner Ed.  She started on her yoga path with Iyengar Yoga, but soon switched to Ashtanga. Many workshops and retreats with internationally recognized yogis later, she completed her 3.5-year training as a 500h + Advanced Ashtanga Yoga Teacher with Ronald Steiner in 2016. In addition to her work as a yoga teacher, she has a degree in German and history, taught teenagers for 17 years and returned to the university to study psychology in 2021. 

asana alchemists

Asana literally translated from Sanskrit means (sitting) posture. Nowadays, the term asana is largely understood to mean all positions in Hatha Yoga, whether sitting postures, handstands or splits. Hatha Yoga includes all practiced yoga pada (yoga paths). As soon as you step on the yoga mat and take a warrior I , you practice asanas (postures).

an alchemist  is someone who creates or transforms something through a seemingly magical process, such as transforming a lump of stone into pure gold.

asana alchemists  is a play on words. There is much more to yoga than asana practice. It includes self-discovery, breathing techniques and meditation. Everything with the aim of achieving a state of balance. Since varied and healthy exercise is often neglected in everyday life these days, a lot in the body and mind gets out of balance. As asana alchemists we counteract this and try to transform ourselves and our lives through asanas - like an alchemist would produce gold from a stone. asana  serves the asana alchemist as a basis for self-study, breathing and meditation.


In her classes, Alexandra attaches great importance to every asana alchemist  to grow in their personal practice. With small yoga groups of maximum 8 participants, she can pay attention to everyone in the class. It is one of her most cherished experiences as a yoga teacher: experiencing the personal growth of asana alchemists.

At yogapeople we practice asana  with the awareness that every posture, every movement brings experience and insight. The human body is capable of so much more than we dare to imagine in everyday life, more than we REALLY know - not from reading books, not told by teachers, but know from our own experience, our own actions.  

The concept is simple: there are flow classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. We also offer focus classes that are dedicated to a practical focus such as backbends. You  you can think of these classes as mini-workshops.  Free Spirit is a mixture of private and group classes in which each participant gradually develops their personal yoga practice. There are also boosters and Next level - private yoga classes. The program is rounded off by the yoga quickies - short but intensive yoga sessions during the lunch break. You can find more information in the Classes section.

The yoga practiced here is mostly dynamic and powerful, sometimes technical. The inspiration for the classes comes from different yoga styles but also from other movement traditions such as strength training, functional training, physiotherapy and others.

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