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Your employer invites you to Christmas dinner, your yoga studio invites you to a rave! On December 16th it was that time again: a look back in pictures.

Flyer "Snowflakes" Frontpage

Ed and I discovered our enthusiasm for raves two years ago at the Boom Festival. We were fascinated by how you can lose yourself and find yourself in music, and how a large crowd of people unite together in the rhythm of bass and stomping feet. We wanted to share this wonderful experience with our community here in the yoga studio. “Snowflakes” was our third rave after “Fairyland” and “Feathers”.

Laser hearts, Nanoleafs, and LEDs up to the gallery.

Thanks to Chris, one of our Boom-crew, we were able to enjoy several new lighting effects in our party setup.

Chilling in the gallery or the net.

In the gallery, the party people took a break from dancing, and got comfortable with good conversation, gingerbread, sandwiches, chips, and apple slices or they simply rested while keeping an eye on the dance floor from the hanging net.

We were thrilled with our guests' outfits! So much creativity and fun. With your great ideas for the theme, you contributed a lot to the cool atmosphere. Thank you very much for that! Here are a few of the “snowflakes”:

Everyone is here, from the Millenial Snowflake Chris to Lord Snow Mike.

From 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. our “resident DJ” Mauro played chilled electro beats. We asked Mauro, and he said we could call him resident DJ. Thanks, Mauro! By the way, in real life, he is known as DJ Momo.

From 8:30 p.m. Ed raised the beat for the snowflakes with our psy-trance playlist. If you'd like to listen to it again, you can find it on YouTube Music:

Raving Snowflakes.

From 10 p.m. we slowly entered the cool down phase, and at 11 p.m. the rave ended with very soft and relaxing tunes. Many “snowflakes” got ready for the next day on the snow slopes. No problem thanks to our rave being alcohol-free and making sure all the partying yogis also have time to rest after raving :)

As Ed and I were ready to say goodbye to our last party guests,Lubo and Jiyngi surprised me with the "best chocolate cake in Switzerland” - apparently from Sprüngli (not a paid advertisement) - and a birthday serenade like Marylin Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr (s) President". Much to my embarrassment, everyone joined in with fresh joy.

Disclaimer: The rave really wasn't a birthday party - as I repeated several times with almost all the invites, making sure everyone knew it would be my 40th.

Nevertheless, thanks again to everyone who ignored my assurances that it was NOT a birthday party (it really wasn't) and made this evening a very special one for me. By the way, if you're wondering at your next yoga class why little naked men are staring at your butt from their hiding place in the houseplants, you can turn to Laura and Phibs. They thought that something like that belonged in a decent yoga studio and gave me four little naked stalkers for my birthday. Thanks :)

As soon as the last guests left the party, Ed turned to me: "What can we improve for the next party? I think we'll need more smoke machines." My answer: "Can we make the smoke look like a waterfall cascading down between the plants from the gallery?"

So we already have one or two ideas about how to improve our next rave. But we also wonder what you can think of that would make it better. If you have an idea for the next yogapeople party, we would be happy about your input!

If you want to be part of our next rave, then save the date of March 30, 2024. We'll share more details in our newsletter at the end of January.

Many thanks to all of our fantastic guests for making this a rave worth remembering! We had an energetic evening together - and thanks to you we have a new roommate:

Glitter! It has become an integral part of our lives and our studio ;)


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