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How to play with your balls, Swiss balls.

The best thing about a Swiss ball as a yoga prop is that they are fun to play with. Having fun is one of the best ways to make sure that you actually do something. And we all know: the best practice is the one you do. Not the ideal one in your mind ;) Even if you move just for 5 minutes it's better than not having moved at all.

In the videos, you can see four useful and more or less easy ways to use your Swiss ball - besides using it as your seat instead of a chair at your desk.

In our yoga studio, we create classes in which we integrate this great prop into our yoga practice. It's a great tool to challenge your balance and all the muscle activation involved in that.

If you have a ball at home, grab it and just start to jump around, it alone will improve your blood circulation and your mood within seconds. Feeling a bit silly while doing it also helps ;) Have fun!

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