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Aktualisiert: 13. Dez. 2021

Well, that’s not hard, right? There are so many of them, so it’s more of a challenge to *not* meet one on the next street corner who sneaks up on you trying to lure you into one of their classes where you end up chanting OM and promising yourself: never again!

Out of this experience you could have learnt that yoga is not for you. But that would be as if you once tried a pizza with pineapples. It was your first pizza ever and as you didn’t like this pineapple pizza you decided it would be your last pizza. Period! - What a pity though: a freshly baked basil-pesto pizza with juicy cherry tomatoes can be a mouthwatering revelation!

Same for yoga with the right yoga teacher. My first yoga class was a disaster: I concluded that if this was yoga it was not for me. I was 16 years old back then. At 23 I decided to give it another try. This time I was dedicated to try as many classes with as many teachers as I had to to find a good fit to me. And to no one's surprise: this time it clicked :)

How to find a yoga teacher? Number one advice: keep looking until you feel you are at the right place. There are many yoga teachers, and that’s great! Because it’s similar to pizza: one loves it with pineapples, another one considers pineapples on pizza to be a crime. But there is the right pizza for everyone ;)

What’s your favorite piz.. *ehm* qualities in a yoga teacher? And how many classes did it take you to find that teacher?

I’d love to read from you, so please share your experience in the comments :) 🍍♥️

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