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Who remembers what happened next? - Exactly: Bend your arms and lower your chest to the floor while keeping the chin lifted :)

Something great about having your own yoga studio with a small team is that you can implement and try out ideas for further developing your offering relatively easily.

Since last week you will no longer find Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Flows in our timetable. Instead, it says either CORE or EXPLORE. In this post, you will read why we replaced the level classes with this new concept. With CORE and EXPLORE we hope to better express our philosophy and improve what we offer to our yogis.

Beautifully synchronous and focused!

But first, just to be clear: CORE does not mean abdominal muscle training! Rather, we refer to the interpretation of “core” as “heart” or “center”. CORE is intended to focus on fundamental yoga exercises.

Although CORE is suitable for beginner yogis, it is not necessarily a Beginner Flow either: With CORE, EXPLORE and FREE SPIRIT, we no longer divide our offering according to levels, but rather according to the intention of the practice.

Levels make little sense for a variety of reasons, even if they seem generally easy to understand. Just ask yourself whether someone who has been practicing yoga for 6 years automatically belongs in an Advanced Flow. If you think about it, you're probably like us: We don’t have a clear answer. So let’s ask a better question: Why are you going to a yoga class this week?

"Wild Things" in the yoga class ;)

To a beginner, CORE helps to gradually familiarize themself with the fundamental techniques of yoga. For an experienced yogi, CORE is a yoga class for active relaxation but also for continuing to practice familiar asanas and refining them. CORE is the right choice for you if you want to focus on fundamental yoga exercises this week, be it because you haven't been doing yoga for that long or because you're getting back into it after a yoga break, for example.

If you want to go beyond the basics in your next yoga class and are curious about what crazy exercises Alexandra came up with this time then EXPLORE is the right class for you. EXPLORE invites participants to experiment with more complex asanas and movement concepts and learn new things. It is intended for yogis who try to do yoga regularly at least once a week and are comfortable with the “core” exercises.

In addition to CORE and EXPLORE, there is also FREE SPIRIT which offers the opportunity to develop your own yoga practice with guidance. In this class, you decide for yourself about your yoga program. FREE SPIRIT is therefore ideal to help you practice yoga alone at home without YouTube instructions.

We are excited to hear how you like our new concept. It's quite possible that you personally won't notice a big difference compared to the previous concept based on levels. The classes don't change fundamentally either. Rather think of it as new names for the yoga classes to better express what we already teach and want to pass on in the future.


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