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Wonderful people meet in our yoga studio every day. With our small series MEET THE YOGAPEOPLE COMMUNITY we would like to put these asana alchemists in the spotlight because yogapeople simply wouldn't be the same without them!

A ray of sunshine: Oumnia.

A ray of sunshine: Oumnia.

Oumnia accompanied her boyfriend to the Beginner Flow at yogapeople for the first time in October 2022. There was always something to laugh about with the two of them in yoga! It's great to see how they both share a love of experimenting with exercise and sport. Oumnia is not only active on the yoga mat but also with strength training and cycling. Everything together represents the perfect combination for long-term health.

By now Oumnia usually attends the Intermediate Flow. She has also been adding her camera talent to the yogapeople-team since September 2023.

Backbends are one of Oumnia's favorite category of asanas.

Backbends are one of Oumnia's favorite category of asanas.

We asked Oumnia about her experience with yoga. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

«I love moving my body and am always excited to discover what I am capable of. I couldn't have imagined that I would ever do a forearm stand! I am surprised at how quickly “progress” occurs in my yoga practice and how much fun I have with backbends. Overall, yoga makes me feel more comfortable in my body.

For me, yoga is not just exercise, but meditation at the same time. There is no other hour of the week where I can switch off my head as well as in a yoga class. Afterward, I feel exhausted, fulfilled, and beautiful :)

In yoga, not everything is just “shanti-shanti”! It is a practice for anyone who wants to get to know themselves and their body in a new way. It just feels good.»

Dear Oumnia, thank you very much for being part of our community!

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